Podium Analytics

Creating a safer world of sport.

Podium Analytics is an NGO and charity committed to reducing the impact and incidence of injury in sport.

The brainchild of Ron Dennis CBE, one of the UK’s pre-eminent entrepreneurs in the fields of engineering, technology and sport, Podium is spearheading a new science-led, data-driven approach to youth sports injury and uniting sports around a shared vision of a safer world of sport.

Bringing together the best minds in science, technology, academia and sport, Podium is putting young people at the heart of research to drive deep understanding into the cause and effect of youth sports injury, enabling evidence-based changes designed for and proven at youth level.

Young people are particularly vulnerable to sports injury and injury statistics are growing for this age group, yet there is a lack of data and research outside of high-performance sport.

By working with the University of Oxford to create the Podium Analytics Institute for Youth Sports Medicine and Technology, a first-of-its-kind research programme, the charity is driving world-leading science that will develop innovative technologies and interventions to monitor, analyse and ultimately prevent injury in sport.

With an ambitious strategy and initial branding in place, Podium Analytics came to rbl as a trusted partner to help tell their story in a powerful way with a more ownable visual style.

First, we needed to find a way to bring the world of sport and the world of science and data together. We needed to create an authentic brand world that would appeal to a very diverse audience spectrum: from working with Government and academics, presenting deep scientific data, to engaging with schoolchildren. Finally, we needed to create a visual identity that was as powerful and impactful as the organisation’s purpose itself.

As a digital-first brand, it was essential to create a brand identity system that could be flexed to reach each and every audience in the most appropriate and engaging way, from formal research reports to communications with a more disruptive style that speak to young audiences.

We augmented the core logo mark with a strong graphic language - a dynamic and vivid colour palette where navy, yellow, orange and sky blue are used in high contrast to create high impact. We chose typography that is powerful and authoritative, but also friendly, placing Podium firmly in an inclusive world of sport.

Defining a clear photography brief was crucial to ensure an approachable, participation-led backdrop to the brand.

To complete the brand language, we developed a set of graphic devices that visualise a science-led, data-driven approach that can be used bravely and disruptively to connect imagery with content, but also decoratively as a subtle, supporting element.

The end result is a visually dynamic brand with the flexibility to tailor communications to reach a variety of audiences. All designed to get the brand noticed.

The new brand identity has been rolled out across Podium’s digital platforms and templates for a variety of internal and external collateral including a new website, partner and programme communications, fundraising materials, and the organisation’s official launch event at 10 Downing Street on 22nd September 2021.

As an NGO and charity, the prominent venue enabled Podium to raise the profile of their commitment to addressing an under-researched, under-resourced and overlooked issue in sport.

Prevention really is better than cure.

Motion by Dan Silverstone

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“Choosing to work with rbl was a no-brainer. When we discussed the brief, they ‘got it’ immediately and delivered a fresh, flexible, and distinct look and feel that is enabling us to dial up and dial down certain elements dependent on our audience or touchpoint. Hugely supportive, adaptive, energising and not afraid to challenge to move us forward - working with rbl is like having a creative extension to your team!”

Harriet Strzelecki
Marketing and Communications Director