Helping an architecture and design practice find new ways to succeed

Revitalising a brand, regenerating confidence and creating a step change in business performance.

With over 50 years’ experience as an architecture and design practice, and once a force in the industry, ttsp had experienced a turbulent period. With high staff turnover, an office relocation and some disappointing results, the business seemed to have lost its way.

The image of the organisation was out of date and at odds with the energy and enthusiasm of the staff we met. The leadership team recognised that radical change was necessary to revitalise the brand and create a fundamental step change in performance. It was also essential that the new brand demonstrated to clients and future talent that this was a practice with creativity at its core.

So what started as a project to refresh their identity soon turned into a full strategic brand review. We consulted staff, partners and customers to understand the practice’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.

With an established, highly respected and very experienced leadership team and new, youthful team, culture played a huge part in the project, so we collaborated with a number of ‘rising stars’ to help shape the new brand.

We articulated a clear, simple and unifying vision, and ambitious mission – to shape the spaces and places that transform how we work.

As a practice creating high-performance environments and thriving workplaces for the people, businesses and brands that will define tomorrow, ttsp needed an equally vibrant personality, visual identity and tone of voice. The step-change moved them from functional to inspirational, formal to informal, and most importantly a shift in focus from talking about themselves to encouraging a dialogue with the customer.

ttsp is made up of curious, creative people who enjoy collaborating to deliver inspirational solutions so we captured photography to demonstrate this. The new imagery, used on digital platforms and marketing materials, communicates the energy and vibrancy of a truly creative team, and provides that window into ttsp, replacing previously sterile and staid imagery of buildings and data centres.

The result is a radical transformation of the brand that puts the genuine creative flair of its people at the heart of all communications.

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“The new brand has given us a new confidence which has improved engagement amongst staff. We’ve also seen an increased awareness of the practice, translating into increased opportunities to pitch for projects.”

Stuart Oldridge
Projects Director, TTSP