Launching an ambitious and innovative challenger in the complex world of payment processing

PXP is the new name for a revolutionary business that has emerged from Servebase, a respected player with a 25 year track record in the card payment processing sector

Recognising the potential for a radically different approach, Servebase’s new management team developed ANYPAY, a powerful, flexible, scalable and robust technology platform that simplifies the complex, fast-moving, global world of payment processing. With a clear ambition to grow off the back of this new platform, rbl was appointed to help the leadership team approach a name change, define a messaging proposition and create a new brand identity.

A newly articulated brand proposition is helping PXP carve out a differential position with a clear point of view: payment processing isn’t merely a necessary and costly sales transaction, but a source of strategic advantage; building stronger customer relationships, providing greater efficiency and enabling significant growth.

By helping PXP explain a complex world, simply, the team are now moving forward with a more strategic approach and confident vision of the future and helping to establish PXP as a strategic partner that builds lasting relationships with their clients.

PXP harnesses people expertise with an advanced technology platform to develop long-term solutions that are aligned with their clients’ unique business needs and ambitions, enabling these clients to build similarly loyal relationships with their customers and prepare for the future.

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“Thanks to a bold, fresh rebrand, PXP now stands out in a saturated, trite industry, giving us the visible edge over the competition and a brand that is deserving of our technology, vision and ambition.”

Ritz Steytler
Chief Executive Officer, PXP