Centre for Sport and Human Rights

Bringing the world of sport ‘together for better’ with the launch of Convergence 2025, a new strategy with a bold ambition

Human rights are a live issue in the world of sport, reflecting many of the wider challenges society faces. With the unique opportunity to bring people together and showcase our human potential and achievement, sport also has a vital role to play in setting new standards and acting as a progressive leader for social change.

The Centre for Sport and Human Rights is such a leader, engaging everyone involved in the world of sport, both in front of the action and behind the scenes, in courageous conversations and collective action.

After working with us on the rebrand of Commonwealth Sport, David Grevemberg their Chief Innovation and Partnerships Officer approached rbl for support in landing their new strategy at the Sporting Chance Forum held in October 2021.

The draft version of Convergence 2025 provided a detailed explanation of how the Centre would approach the challenge of uniting a complex sporting ecosystem to work through the lens of human rights and create a fairer, better future for all.

We instantly felt that it needed greater confidence, passion and emotion to act as a call to arms that would inspire people and organisations to take a lead on preventing human rights harms and abuses.

With a dual focus on words and pictures we set about designing the report so that the essential message was much clearer and more engaging.

We overlaid some more compelling messaging on top of the existing narrative to create the call to arms ‘better together’ as that is what both the Centre and the strategy are all about.

We reimagined some of their key diagrams to better explain the complex ecosystem that is the world of sport and how these different players can work together to realise a world of responsible sport. We knew these diagrams would be essential to help David and the team explain the Centre and its role to many different potential partners in face-to-face and virtual meetings over the coming months and years.

Having landed a design for the digital version of the report, we were then asked to create a short animated film to help launch Convergence 2025 at the virtual Sporting Chance Forum.

We distilled a 50 page report into a 2 minute film that explained who they are, what they do, who they work with and most importantly why this matters.

With a series of dynamic social media assets to help promote the launch of Convergence 2025, the Centre for Sport and Human Rights was set to grab the attention of the world of sport and inspire proactive action to shape a better world.

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"Yet again I have had the pleasure of working with rbl - and as always they have added so much valuable support, creativity and professionalism in helping us to shape our message, elevate our communications and develop tools that truly engage our intended audiences."

David Grevemberg CBE
Chief Innovation and Partnerships Officer