Josie’s Return

After a year and a half of travelling and spending nearly 2 years in a design agency in London, Josie has returned to rbl!

1. How did you come across rbl and why did you leave us?
In June 2015 I met my now colleagues, Andy and Helena, at my Degree Show where I was showcasing my final year work at Coventry University. I was then invited to an interview and to spend a day in the studio. I was looking for somewhere that would challenge and help me flourish as a designer. I was offered the position of Graphic Designer at rbl and started three weeks later. rbl provided me with the opportunity to work on superb jobs with great clients. After 2 amazing years and gaining a huge amount of knowledge in a strategic creative agency, I decided it was time to pack my bags and travel across South East Asia and Australia.

2. What were your favourite jobs when you previously worked at rbl?
I thoroughly enjoyed working with the British Olympic Association, helping support Team GB for the run-up to the Rio Olympics. I worked on internal Team GB House material, billboard advertisements, the ceremony awards book, and many social media assets. Additionally, World Sailing was an interesting client as there was such a variety of assets to create – 100+ logo roll-outs, 19 brand guidelines, environmental graphics, medal graphics, tv idents, and much more. I was also designated as the team’s photographer and videographer, which was a continuous learning experience for me. I started by taking footage around Leamington Spa and, before I knew it, I was interviewing students at the University of Greenwich and the Royal College of Art.

3. What was your funniest memory at rbl?
In 2015, Helena and I were nominated to come up with something fun and non-generic to send out at Christmas to all of our clients. Well…I thought I came up with a genius idea (which Helena always blames me for) of combining rbl’s two favourite things, Post-its and branding, to create a festive film. Millions of Post-it notes and a Post-it blocked printer later, we had constructed an excellent festive film! It may have taken a little longer than we thought but the result was worth it. View the evidence here.

4. What made you return to rbl?
rbl was the perfect agency for my first full-time role as a designer. It is an agency that provides endless opportunities to learn and grow as a designer. In March, I moved from London to Warwick and reached out to Rebecca to see if there were any freelance opportunities available. Rebecca kindly offered me a very exciting opportunity as a ‘Content Designer’ within a newly established ‘Brand Activation Team’ to support the agency’s and our clients’ ongoing campaigns and communications.

5. What does your role entail?
As a Content Designer, I will be working on building the agency’s profile on various social media platforms and keeping them thriving. I will use multiple disciplines to create engaging content, whether it be video, animation, audio, or simply flat graphics. I will work closely with the team to make sure that we help build rbl’s external profile.

6. Overall, how would you sum up your first week at rbl?
My first week at rbl has been lovely, I feel like I have never left. The team has doubled in size since 2017 and it has been great meeting both new and old colleagues. The atmosphere at rbl is amazing, with a great team dynamic. To be back in the office after working from home for a year is such a relief. I am looking forward to getting stuck in on challenging briefs and being able to contribute to rbl’s continuous growth and success as an agency.

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